Have coffee with a rival neighbor.

Take the #CoffeeChallenge,

An evangelical pastor and an LGBTQ activist sat down for coffee.

This was the beginning of Bob Vander Plaats and Donna Red Wing’s friendship, which inspired thousands of across-the-aisle conversations.



A good conversation can make a difference.

The #CoffeeChallenge makes it simple.

Invite someone you disagree with to have coffee.

A simple call or text will do the trick. Reach out and set a time between May 21 and May 23.

Have a good conversation.

It’s that easy. No agenda, no specific questions to ask, no talking points — just talking to a fellow human.

Share a photo of your time together with #CoffeeChallenge.

Spread the word. We’ll feature great stories on our website, social media, and newsletter. Lorem ipsum dolor set.

Photos from Past Coffee Challenges


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The Head Wrangler

Foster Freiss wants more for America.

Foster Friess grew up in Rice Lake, Wisconsin, a first-generation college graduate. His mother dropped out of school in the eighth grade to pick cotton in order to save the family farm in Texas. His father dealt cattle and horses.

From an early age, he always looked out for his neighbors. He was taught that God created every man equal, and this lead him to becoming an early civil rights activist. His genuine care for his peers and his infectious attitude led him to have success in a myriad of leadership positions in his early life.

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Red lines
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