Scholarships for the Trades

Funded by Hank A. McKinnell, Jr. and Foster and Lynn Friess

Outriders don’t settle.

Whether you’re looking for a new job right out of high school or seeking a career change, tell us what you want to do: diesel technology, horseshoeing, welding, construction technology, machine tool technology, auctioneering, nursing, industrial electricity, automotive repair, culinary arts?

There are over a hundred trade programs available at the Wyoming colleges listed below. Tell us the program in which you’d like to enroll (or are enrolled), the cost of the training, and how much we’d need to add to your resources to make it possible.

Starting in Fall 2021, the scholarship has expanded to any trade school in the U.S.

No age restrictions or education requirements. The scholarship amount is based on the program and the need of each student, but they average between $2,000 to  $5,000.


Application Deadlines

Fall Semester: June 30th

Spring Semester: October 30th

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